A downloadable game for Windows

A low res prototype of a Dwarf Fortress style game.

* Scroll map up and down with up and down keys, or W and S
* Click dig toolbar item to dig the ground
* Click build and an object to build it (tip, ladders let you climb up)
* Avoid the skeletons at night!
* Hit Enter to restart when the skeletons get you.

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Published 39 days ago
Tagslowresjam2017, Management, Medieval

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Download, unzip, run the game!


DwarfDive.zip (485 kB)

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You can't do anything. You cannot move without using the dig or build tools, and you can't fight. You die almost instantly if you try to fight the skeletons (labeled "dwarf", I might add), and once you dig a hole, there's nothing for you to do. You can give yourself an anvil, chest, bar, and bed, but none of them do anything. The only way to survive is by digging straight down without the use of a ladder, and staying there while more and more skeletons gather above ground.

I'm having trouble surviving, how do you fight the skeletons ? also, can you move the dwarf without building/digging ?