Time's up!

So I got an executable build in mere seconds before the end of the LOWREZJAM comp. Phew.

Now, to be brutally honest, this is more of a tech demo/prototype of a game that would clearly take much longer than 2 weeks to build. I had high hopes of implementing features such as "sleeping" and "drinking ale". Alas, time and other commitments got the better of me and I couldn't spend quite as much time on it as I thought I would.

That said, I'm pretty happy with what I was able to build, and what I learned through the process. The project was written in C++ using the Allegro graphics/games library. I built a chunk-based tile engine that generates chunks on-the-fly as the player scrolls down. It has an A* pathfinding implementation -- which took a lot of time to get right, and handle the various edge cases (literal ones at times). Your dwarf fella can craft ladders to climb back up the holes he digs.

The whole game is based around a job system, so digging and crafting are jobs that get queued up and the dwarf will eventually get to (if he can reach it). The skeleton AI is also based around this job system, which was handy - their only job is to chase you down!

Many things I wanted to add are missing -- the original goal was to mine rubies and gems.

I really enjoyed working on this project, and I think I'll keep working on it, or a derivative of it with some cleaner code, and hopefully better design choices!


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39 days ago

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