Devlog 1 - It begins

Originally planned as a Destruction Jam entry, but I missed the deadline figuring out character animation with Blender.

Some then, Explomancer has evolved into the beginning of a fun little roguelike ARPG. A game with an incredible amount of room to expand into.

The core conceit is that you’re a young apprentice Explomancer, and have been tasked to dive into an old mine, where the Goblins of Alacarth have hidden away the stolen jewels of the king. You are the last hope of ever recovering them — as all the more experienced ‘mancers are off on holiday, leaving you to hold down the fort, as it were.

As the title may suggest, an Explomancer is one who is adept in the arts of exploding — quite a handy set of skills for deep mine activities.

As this is the inaugural devlog, I should mention where the game stands now, and what’s coming up. I think that’s how this works!

The first pass of the game was built using GodotEngine 3, and while its tree based architecture was a joy to work with and build components for, I let running into performance pain points, and the graphics rendering wasn’t where I wanted it.

So over the course of a few days, I ported most of the game over to Unity. I very quickly got the graphics where I wanted them for a first pass; then implemented NavMeshes, and got basic AI up and running. At that point I surprised myself at how easy it was to implement a Diablo style click-to-move and attack interface. All the while developing everything using Linux.

Coming up next, I need to start work on the all-important loot, armor, weapons, and maybe a boss fight.

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